Top 50 Business Schools


When it comes to deciding on a degree that will lead to a successful career path, many people opt for a business degree which can be obtained through one of the top 50 business schools available. In general, a business degree is flexible and practical.

How an Undergraduate School Is Ranked

The purpose of this list is to rate each school on the same objectives as one another to reach the top 50 business schools. The outcome shows student opinion, curriculum structure and professor levels. The schools are marked with the rank they place out of the top 50.

Top 50 Business Schools By Major

Top Marketing Schools

Looking for the best marketing schools for your needs requires you to consider what aspects matter most. Some of the top marketing schools excel in other areas that might be an interest to minor in, while others fall flat. Know where your interests lie and then zero in on a specific goal.

  • University of San Diego (47)
  • Loyola College (45)
  • Boston University (42)
  • Michigan State University (39)
  • Pennsylvania State University (38)
  • University of Washington (33)
  • Rensselaer Polytech Institute (26)
  • University of Illinois (18)
  • Indiana University (16)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (9)
  • Emory University (5)
    • Great career services program
    • knowledgeable faculty

Superior Accounting and Finance Schools

Accounting and Finance, possibly the most sought after positions in the job market, can be learned at these top rated accounting schools. High expectations and a rigorous accounting and finance platform that prepares a student for the accounting field well are great assets to have when looking to thrive in this field.
  • Rutgers University (50)
  • University of Georgia (44)
  • University of Maryland (43)
  • Santa Clara University (35)
  • Texas A&M (31)
  • Bentley College (30)
  • Lehigh University (25)
  • Miami University (24)
  • Washington University (15)
  • Villanova University (13)
  • University of Texas (10)
  • New York University (8)

Business Management

Business Management skills will have overall lasting effects. This is where the concepts of business are ingrained and molded. This broad degree plan teaches of business practice, global and local economy, marketing and the mix. A Business Management degree is a very flexible tool to accumulate.

  • University of Miami (49)
  • University of Minnesota (48)
  • University of Florida (46)
  • Case Western Reserve University (41)
  • Binghamton University (40)
  • University of Wisconsin (37)
  • Northeastern University (34)
  • Texas Christian University (32)
  • College of William and Mary (29)
  • Babson College (28)
  • Southern Methodist University (23)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (22)
  • Wake Forest University (21)
  • University of Richmond (20)
  • University of Southern California (17)
  • University of California (11)
  • University of Michigan (Ross) (6)
  • Cornell University (4)
    • Prepares students for jobs well using practical and challenging approach
  • University of Virginia (2)
    • Top of the line faculty and staff at high ranked salaries
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) (1)
    • Combination of success having dedicated alumni, faculty, staff and students

Social and Ethical Business Majors

More specifically on a business front, a person can specialize in social and ethical business practices. This concept promotes corporate responsibility, fair acts and being responsible stakeholders in a community. Large, as well as smaller, corporations are looking more and more toward the concept of complete compliance between the business and social worlds.

  • Baylor University (36)
  • Fordham (27)
  • Georgetown University
  • Boston College (14)
  • University of North Carolina (12)
  • Brigham Young University (7)
  • University of Notre Dame (3)
    • Concentration on ethics
    • Supportive and active alumni

Which to Choose

Choosing a college or university is strictly up to the student who will be attending. All the above schools are well recommended and feasible for most. Continuing an education takes time and commitment in order to find the perfect match. Keep in mind that just because a school is good for one, does not mean it is good for all. It is the expressed interests and specific majors that draw a student into a school, not just one Jessica Tesoriero

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