Where to Find College Football Scores

College football scores

If you're a fan of college football, you know how important it is to keep up with scores. If you can't attend your favorite teams' games in person on watch them on television, there are still plenty of opportunities both to keep up with scores in real-time, and to find out what they are after the fact.

Finding Scores on Mobile Apps

A number of great mobile apps provide up-to-the minute information on college football scores and other key team and season statistics. These apps provide a great way to know what's going on when you're out-and-about during game time or if you want to watch your team on TV but keep an eye on how your team's rivals are doing without having to leave the sofa.

​College Football Scorecard

The free College Football Scorecard app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It provides real-time scores on several top NCAA Division 1 FBS schools, such as the SEC, Big-10, Big 12, Pac 10 and several others. You can view results by the top 25 schools, or by conference simply by selecting the option you prefer. Past games' scores are available for other Division I schools. The app also provides current news stories and ranking information. The free version is the top-ranked College Football scorecard app on APPCRAWLR. If you'd prefer not to see adds, you can upgrade to the Plus version, which costs 99 cents.


Also free, theSCORE is APPCRAWLR's number two choice for college football scores. It is available for iPhone and Android, but not Windows Phone. This app provides the same type of information and updates as College Football Scoreboard and you can also view results by conference or by top-ranked schools. It was named the overall 2014 fan-favorite on Phandroid.com, with users praising the app for being simple to set up and having outstanding usability. Phandroid describes the app as well-organized (as opposed to apps that have so much information they are overwhelming) and says the app provides users with "a clean and easy to use experience."

Sports-Oriented TV Station Websites

It's easy to keep up with college football scores from any computer that has Internet access. Several television stations that cover college football do a great job presenting up-to-date scores while games are in progress and keeping them posted throughout the season. Any time you want to know how your favorite team or its upcoming opponents are performing, tune into one of these websites for sports-oriented TV stations.

ESPN Scorecenter

The ESPN Scorecenter web page is a great place to get current, on-demand information about college football scores, with information about all NCAA Division 1 teams. Organized by week number within the season, details about each match-up are published as soon as the schedule is announced, then scores are updated in real-time while games are in progress. Scores stay posted throughout the season, so you can use it to review each week's results any time you like and you can sort by conference. You can also log in using your Facebook account to join the online conversation about each game, adding comments before, during and after. You can also download an app version of Scorecenter for iOS, Android, Windows or Kindle.

TV Network Websites

ESPN isn't the only television network that provides up-to-the-minute score information about college football games online. You can also get similar information from the College Football pages on Fox Sports, CBS Sports and NBC Sports. Each provides tabs and/or drop down menus that allow you to filter your view by week or conference. You can expect these websites to be updated with real-time score information while games are in progress, both for games being broadcast on the particular network the site is associated with along with other match-ups involving top-tier teams.

TV Shows

Turn on any TV network that covers sports during college football season and you'll be able to get current score information.

Game Day Updates

If you're watching a sports-focused channel like ESPN or Fox Sports on game day, you'll likely see continuous live crawl information across the bottom of the screen that features updated scores on major games that are going on or have been finished that day. This is also true if you're watching a game on any of the major networks. Additionally networks host halftime updates during live games, during which scores and other information are provided about various match ups going on that week.

Score Recap Shows

During college football season, cable networks dedicated to college football air recap shows on a weekly basis. The shows provide scores from the week, as well as highlights, replays and news. For example, on a nationwide level, ESPN airs College Football Final on Saturday evenings. Networks that emphasize particular conferences also have similar programs. For example, the Pac-12 Network has a weekly show called Recap that provides conference scores and news during the season. Of course, you will only be able to see these shows if you have a subscription via your television provider - but most local network news programs also provide game day recaps for teams of interest to local viewers on game day and the following day.

Print Media

Print media provides a way for you to read in-depth reporting about college football scores and results once games have been concluded, based on their publication schedules. While these options obviously don't provide real-time score access, they are a great resource for super-fans who want in-depth information and after-the-fact analysis beyond what may be available in other sources.

Sports Illustrated

You can get information about how your favorite college football teams are doing with a subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine, which is published each week. You can select a digital-access only subscription, which will allow you to read the magazine via your computer or mobile device, or opt for an all-access subscription that also includes the print magazine.

Local newspapers

Local newspapers typically provide in-depth coverage of college football teams that are particularly popular in the areas they serve. With most college football games being played on Saturday, fans can expect to see coverage of their favorite local, state or regional teams in the Sunday paper on the next day. Some newspapers may also provide real-time score updates of the teams they cover on their websites. Visit USNPL.com to search for newspapers throughout the U.S. so you can discover which publications are most likely to have information on the teams you follow.

Keep Up With Your Favorite Teams

With so many options, it's easy to keep track of how your favorite college teams are performing. Many options allow you to keep up in real-time, or check in when it's convenient to you to find out how your team - and others - are performing. Whether you have just a passing interest or if you're truly a super-fan, it's easy to get the information you need!

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