Competitive College Resume Example for Recent Graduates

recent college graduate resume

If you're looking for a job as a recent college graduate, you'll need a resume designed for someone searching for their first post-education job in their chosen field of study. While you can choose the resume format that best suits your background and experience, you'll want to be sure to customize the content a bit to highlight your new status as a college graduate. Doing so just might give you a competitive advantage in your job search!

Sample Resume for Recent College Graduates (Work Experience)

If you have completed an internship or have relevant work experience, this template is designed with you in mind. To access this template, simply click the image below to open an editable PDF file. You can edit the document directly, or use it as a general guide for creating a resume with Word or a resume builder app. If you need assistance with the PDF version, use this guide to printables.

Recent College Graduate Resume Template

You may also want to review chronological and functional resume formats or additional sample resumes for inspiration.

Example Resumes for Recent Graduates (No Work Experience)

If you don't have work experience, the above format isn't ideal. Instead, use either the academic or skill-based resume in this collection of sample student resumes. Just update the objective and education sections to include details about your newly conferred degree.

What to Include in Your Post-College Resume

Now that you have graduated from college, you'll need a resume that goes beyond what would be included in a basic college student resume. Since you are likely focusing on finding a full-time position specific to your field of study, your resume needs to reflect your new status as a degreed professional while still conveying that you are new to the job market.

  • Objective or summary of qualifications: Specify that you are a recent graduate, highlight a few key skills, and list the job title(s)/type(s) you are seeking.
  • Education: Specify what type of degree (B.A., B.S., etc.) you hold, as well as the field of study (Engineering, Business Administration, etc.). Include the name of your school and the month and year your degree was conferred.
  • Relevant experience: Include relevant experience, including past jobs or internships, ongoing volunteer positions, leadership roles in student or professional organizations, etc. If you have a work history, include information about all the jobs you have had, as even positions that aren't directly related to your field of study can indicate that you are hard-working, have the ability to hold down a job, and likely have skills that will transfer to your new career.
  • Key skills: List specific skills you have that would be relevant to prospective employers.
  • References: Mention that references are available upon request.
  • Relocation (optional): If you are willing to relocate for a job, it is a good idea to state that on your resume.

Successful Job Hunting as a New College Graduate

Your new or updated post-college resume will help you get your foot in the door with prospective employers hiring for professional positions. Proofread carefully to eliminate errors. Before finalizing your new resume, get someone you trust to review it and provide you with feedback. Once the document is final, save a PDF version so you'll be able to easily email your resume with a cover letter or upload it to job applications. Be sure to keep an editable version as well, so you can easily update it as you gain more experience.

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Competitive College Resume Example for Recent Graduates