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The top 10 party colleges rank high with students looking to have a good time when they go to school. Some schools are ranked by their academics, some schools are ranked by their sports and some schools are ranked by their history. The following 10 colleges scored high points on The Princeton Review's list of the best colleges for partying.

Name the Top 10 Party Colleges

Looking to apply to the top colleges in the country, but the party atmosphere concerns you? For some students, the party atmosphere can lead to drunken escapades and worse. For other students, the party atmosphere is a huge attraction. Whether you're deciding which school to make your first pick or where not to apply, the following colleges ranked as the top 10 party colleges for 2009.

University of Florida

Located in Gainesville, Florida, the University of Florida boasts 37 fraternity and sorority houses, along with a student union that hosts multiple activities and shows a variety of films at the on campus theater before they are released on DVD. Combine the local night spots in Gainesville with the high team sport atmosphere, and Gainesville is the definition of great college town.

University of Mississippi

According to the Princeton Review, college life at Ole Miss, located in University, Mississippi, centers on Greek life with pre-gaming parties, settings that are perfect for socializing, and a touch of Southern tradition. The town's level of involvement with the school means there is always something to do.

Penn State

At Penn State in University Park, Pennsylvania, football is a religion. The party atmosphere surrounds the football games and the tailgating before them. There are over 20 bars in the area for college students over the age of 21. The partying on the weekends is as intense as the studying during the week.

West Virginia University

In Morgantown, West Virginia, the students of West Virginia University name the exceptional partying and NCAA football action as two of the best reasons to go to the school. They also praise the free food, movies, games and comedy shows at the student center.

Ohio University

In the town of Athens, Ohio University students enjoy campus-wide parties and a legendary Halloween festival. University students are proud of their festival that brings back alumni every year to celebrate the holiday.

Randolph-Macon College

Ashland, Virginia's Randolph-Macon College has a lot going for it, but if there is nothing happening that's because the fraternities aren't throwing a party. Students turn to the bars in nearby Richmond if that's the case.

University of Georgia

Another Athens, this time in Georgia, makes the top ten list. Undergrads state that the large campus is so big, there's always something to do. They do their best to balance their partying and religious following of football with good grades.

University of Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas, in the state capital of Austin, UT students turn to Greek life and sports events to fill their partying needs. If the campus scene isn't hot, students head to Austin's Sixth Street district where the bar scene always offers a good time.

University of California

Santa Barbara, California's UC campus features Isla Vista, a jam-packed small community featuring the best partying in the area. If the heavy party atmosphere there gets too repetitive, downtown Santa Barbara features bars, restaurants, comedy clubs and movies.

Florida State University

Across the country in Tallahassee, Florida, the FSU campus is focused on social events with big parties and big partiers. The drinking culture at FSU is so intense that campus administration is focused on changing the drinking culture both on and off-campus.

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Top 10 Party Colleges