Target Scholarships

Turn your retail job into money for college.

Thanks to the retailer's commitment to higher education, Target scholarships offer yet another way to potentially pay your college tuition.

Scholarships Offered by Target and DECA

DECA and Delta Epsilon Chi are associations dedicated to the study of marketing, finance, business and related fields. DECA membership is open to high school students and Delta Epsilon Chi is the college level of the organization. In addition to the professional development and leadership skills students can gain from membership in these groups, they are also eligible for special Target scholarships. The program offers up to ten awards of $2,000 each. Ask your chapter advisor for more details.

Award Criteria

  • Applicants must be current Target employees in addition to being members of DECA or Delta Epsilon Chi.
  • Applicants will be judged on their work at Target, their participation in DECA or Delta Epsilon Chi activities, leadership, and academic achievement.
  • Financial need is not considered.

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following as part of the application process:

  • Contact information
  • Post-secondary school information
  • High school information
  • A list of other extracurricular activities to demonstrate leadership
  • Evaluation from school official requiring data on applicant's GPA, class rank, and general aptitude
  • Letter of recommendation from DECA or Delta Epsilon Chi advisor
  • Letter of recommendation from store manager
  • Letter of recommendation from community leader
  • Official high school transcript and any post-secondary grades
  • ACT or SAT scores, if available
  • Copy of chapter membership roster to verify membership
  • Signature of chapter advisor verifying accuracy of application

DECA or Delta Epsilon Chi information needed to apply for the award includes:

  • Advisor name(s) and contact details
  • Membership dates
  • List of involvement, including offices, activities, competitions, projects, and promotion of the organization
  • Short essay describing the benefits of membership

Target information needed to apply for the award includes:

  • Store name and address
  • Supervisor's name
  • Position and employment dates
  • Short essay describing commitment to Target

Application Tips

  • Build your resume before you fill out an application form. Take the plunge and run for office, or sign up for an extra competition. Work hard during every shift at Target so your store manager will be happy to give you a glowing recommendation.
  • Organization is key to a financial aid success. The DECA application includes a handy checklist on the final page, so you can make sure not to forget any requirements. You may also want to create your own checklist with intermediate deadlines.
  • Proofread all application materials. Ask a teacher, parent or friend to review your application, as well. A second set of eyes is always helpful. When you only have 100 words to describe your Target work experience, you need every one of them to count.
  • Follow all submission rules. For instance, the application form specifically says that applications must be clipped together and will not be accepted in folder or binders. Don't let your stellar application be overlooked by failing to comply with basic format requests.
  • Watch the deadline. Give others enough lead time to complete letters of recommendation or to fill out forms. If you let the deadline pass, all of your efforts will go to waste.

Scholarships for Advisors

Target also offers three $1,000 scholarships each year for DECA advisors partnering with local stores. They must be used for professional development in marketing or management, but they cannot be used to attend a DECA conference. These awards require a separate application form.

Other Target Scholarships

In the past, the retailer offered the Target All-Around Scholarships as part of its effort to promote education and community service. These were open to all students with an interest in volunteerism, and were unique among high-value awards in not requiring a high GPA. Although these Target scholarships are not currently available, look to the Target Community Web site for future educational programs.

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