Dorm Furniture and Decor Ideas for Max Space and Style

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A few ideas for dorm furniture can help you decide on the best dorm décor choices. There are many units you can purchase or you can curate your own dorm arrangement.

Exploring Dorm Room Furniture Ideas

When you shop for dorm furniture, keep in mind the amount of square footage you need. Decide on the essential pieces of furniture you require, such as a desk, bed and seating. Storage is another consideration.

Double Duty for Study Area

You can create a study area that can also support a small storage cabinet with drawers. A couple of things to keep in mind when creating this area is the dimensions of the desk and the drawer, especially the heights.

  • Choose a slim style desk that is high enough for work comfort, but suitable for the drawer cabinet to be stored neatly underneath. This is a great solution that you can use to store clothing or supplies.
  • For additional storage, opt for a taller storage cabinet that can be used to for more clothing and/or supplies.
  • A tall architect style desk lamp with a bendable arm is a versatile choice that can be used as a task lamp or a table lamp when necessary.

Loft Bed With Desk or Futuon

There are many loft bed designs that can make the most of your dorm room square footage. Decide on the configuration that best fits your needs.

  • One loft bed unit features a desk underneath the bed along with a bookcase on one end.
  • A loft bed configuration features a full-sized bed with a desk and return and a dresser on the outside of the wall of the loft unit.
  • Another bed loft design features a futon underneath the loft that can also convert into a second bed should you have a guest, while you can study comfortably on the futon during the day.
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Desk Cube or Hutch

You may decide that a desk cube with a bookcase or cubbies that sets on your desk is a better option. A desk with a hutch is another choice that will give you additional storage space.

Floor Cube Organizer and Desk

You can take advantage of a floor cube organizer that comes with an attachable desk. This unit can fit snuggly against the wall with the desk perpendicular to the cubby unit. Add some storage baskets or use as a bookcase/storage combination.

Shelving and Wall Cabinets

Another great way to add more storage is to add a shelf or two on the wall of your desk. The shelving can store books and/or storage baskets. Be sure to check dorm rules regarding wall shelving.

Chair, Desk, and Bed Choices

There are several choices for chairs, such as a collapsible saucer chair. This type of chair comes with various cover choices in the popular Mongolian style.

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Beanbag Chair

A beanbag chair may be a more desirable choice since it contours to your body. This can be a very comfortable and supportive choice and some are as small as two feet while others are three feet in diameter.

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Folding Sleep Chair

A folding sleeper chair is a great way to add another bed for any sleeper guests. The chair folds back onto itself when not being used as a bed.

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Murphy Beds

If you aren't a loft bed fan or don't want to take up your dorm room with a permanent bed, a murphy bed may be a better option. There are several styles that take advantage of the bed cabinet featuring a desk when the bed is stored. Other designs include a futon when the bed is closed inside the cabinet.

Folding Wall Desk

A folding wall desk is an ideal space saver. These design feature a wall cabinet with storage compartments and a desk that folds into the cabinet when not in use.


A standalone futon can serve as a bed and a sofa. This is a highly versatile choice for dorm furniture with a wide range of choices.

How to Arrange Dorm Furniture

You can make your dorm room look larger when you place the bed lengthwise online the longer wall with the desk on the opposite wall. Place an area rug between the two pieces of furniture and set a chair on the shorter wall. This creates a U shape that is convenient and gives the illusion of a large area.

Loft Bed Placement

You want to set the loft bed against a solid wall without a window. This ensures your sleeping area and work space are secure and free of drafts. If you have no choice but to place your loft bed against the window, choose floor length curtains to provide protection from drafts.

Mini Refrigerator Placement

If you have room for a mini refrigerator, you can set a microwave on the top to save space. You may decide to use the space with a lightweight crate to store supplies or clothes.

Create a Counter

You can place a wood plank on top of the mini refrigerator to create a counter. Set the other end on a 5-drawer chest of drawers that is the same height as the refrigerator to create a desk/counter.

  • Use a drafting chair so you can adjust the chair height as needed.
  • You can paint the plank or cover it with decals, shelving paper or fabric to brighten up your dorm room.
  • You may decide to use a pair of bar chairs for a unique touch to your dorm room.

Dorm Room Décor Ideas

You can choose three colors to use as your color scheme for your dorm room. Select curtains, bedding, throw pillows, chair cushions, area rug, and lamp shades to carry out your color scheme. Use one color for the main color, one for the secondary color and the third for an accent color. Don't forget to style the walls and lighting.

Lighting Options

You can warm up a cold dorm room décor with lighting. A floor lamp can chase away a dull dark corner. Wall sconces save floor and furniture surface space. Mini-light strings can create dim lighting when you don't want to turn on a table lamp.

Wall Decals, Wordart and Murals

Removable wall decals, wordart and murals are great ways to personalize your dorm room. You can choose a beach scene mural to introduce color and a feeling of tranquility.

Repurposing Ideas for Dorm Decorations

You can repurpose several items to create unique dorm room décors. Find items tossed in the storage building or garage. You may want to go yard sale shopping to find the perfect items to upcycle into cool dorm furnishings.

Ladderback Chairs

You can use an old ladderback chair by removing the seat and using the ladder back portion on the wall. Use hooks to attach wire baskets along the back slats for a wall storage unit.

Flowerpot Urn Tables

You can use a resin lightweight flowerpot urn for a table. You can use the inside of the urn for additional storage.

  • Decorate the urn with stenciling or freehand drawings.
  • Use a wood round that is larger than the diameter of the urn for the table top.
  • You can decorate the wood round or paint it to match the urn.
  • You may choose to use a glass tabletop and adhere colorful fabric to the underside for a unique look.
painting a flowerpot urn

Old Frames

There are so many things you can do with old frames. You can paint or decorate the frames with faux jewels and beads or come up with your own dorm room decorating ideas.

  • Instead of glass, cut to fit a piece of cork. Hang the frame on your dorm wall for an instant bulletin board.
  • Cut a piece of wood and paint with chalkboard paint and set inside the frame for a cute chalkboard. Be sure to paint and/or decorate the frame to fit your décor theme.
  • Place a piece of sheet metal in the frame and use it for a magnet board. Create your own magnets to display photos or use as a memo/message board.

Unique Dorm Furniture Ideas

You can use unique dorm furniture ideas to decorate your dorm. Choose a theme and decide on the colors you want to use and enjoy creating your own space.

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