Dorm Furniture

Basic Dorm Room

Dorm furniture sounds easy to pick out, but you never know what you're going to need until you get a look at the size of your room. The following slideshow features some great dorm furniture picks from Click on any image that you're interested in to follow the link directly to the retailer.

folding moon chair
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Folding Moon Chair

This moon chair is padding and light weight. It will brighten up a room, seat you comfortably and fold up easily to be packed away if necessary.

room rules poster
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Room Rules

Decorate your room with some established "rules".

rolling storage shelf
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Rolling Shelf

The rolling shelf is an ideal piece of dorm furniture. There's tons of storage for everything from clothes to shoes to books, and space for loose items.

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Oriental Lamp

This oriental lamp comes in all different colors to fit any taste. It's tall and slender, takes up a small footprint and provides you with great light to study by.

computer cart
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Computer Cart

The computer cart works for a desktop or laptop set up. The small footprint keeps you from crowding the room.

room divider
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Room Divider

The room divider is a nice piece of decoration and works well to create a private space. Ideal for dorm rooms with roommates.

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Loft Bed and Desk

Maximize your dorm furniture space with this loft bed and desk. You can sleep above the floor and keep your desk organized beneath.

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Dorm Furniture