Online CPA MBA and Masters of Taxation Programs

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Online CPA MBA and masters of taxation programs allow students to develop basic business skills and then enhance them with coursework in accounting, taxation and business administration. Several schools offer these graduate programs online, which provides a convenient alternative to campus-based programs.


Completing a CPA, masters of taxation or MBA program online has several benefits. One of the top benefits is flexibility. Students who want to pursue graduate degrees in business often have jobs in professional organizations that don't give them the flexibility to attend classes on campus. Completing a program online eliminates the need for students to attend classes at a traditional college campus. Distance learning also allows students to complete their coursework whenever they have time. For someone who works during the day, this leaves the evening hours for course completion. If someone works night shift, he can complete his coursework during the day. E-mail, online messaging boards and other technology tools make it easy for students to communicate with each other and course instructors.

Completing one of these programs online also drastically reduces the expenses associated with pursuing a campus-based program. If you don't have to attend classes on campus, you reduce the expenses associated with buying gasoline, maintaining your vehicle or buying passes to ride the bus, light rail or subway. You also reduce some of the expenses associated with traditional courses, such as printing fees and technology fees. If you are using your own equipment and supplies, you will not have to pay a college or university to use theirs.


Taking classes online also has some disadvantages if you have difficulty reading or learning material on your own. If you prefer to learn directly from a lecture or presentation by a teacher, on-campus classes may offer more benefits for you. Another disadvantage of online degree programs is that you lose the benefit of meeting similar people and networking with them. Meeting people during on-campus programs often leads to networking and business opportunities once you have completed your degree. If you already have a solid professional network and have no trouble reading and understanding information without someone to explain it to you, then an online degree might be right for you.

Online CPA MBA and Masters of Taxation Programs

Several universities offer online CPA MBA and masters of taxation programs. Strayer University and Post University offer the online CPA program. The program at Strayer offers students specialized education which prepares them for accounting careers in nonprofit organizations, private companies and governmental agencies. The program also prepares students to sit for certification exams in the fields of certified public accounting (CPA) and management accounting (CMA). Students can choose from several specializations, including controllership, taxation, public accounting and accounting information systems. Completing these programs does not guarantee that a student will pass the certification exams. Preparing for and completing these exams successfully is the responsibility of graduates from Strayer. The Post University program gives students the opportunity to learn the principles of managerial and public accounting. Students should check the CPA requirements of their individual states before enrolling in one of these programs.

Several colleges offer online MBA programs. These schools include Capella University, Ashford University, University of Phoenix, Baker College Online, Walden University and Kaplan University. The requirements for the MBA degree vary by school, but all of the online MBA programs include core coursework in business administration, marketing, finance, economics and leadership. Some schools offer concentrations, which allow students to pursue upper-level coursework in one particular area of concentration. Some of the concentrations available include finance, economics, management, marketing, real estate and leadership. These concentrations involve advanced coursework and practical learning opportunities.

Florida Atlantic University offers a masters in taxation program completely online. This two-year program includes coursework in tax concepts, estates and trusts, corporate taxation, tax research, partnerships and special tax topics. These courses offer students instruction in the legislation and case law that affect the practice of tax preparation and tax law. This program also prepares students to research tax problems by using case studies and hands-on teaching methods. Students will leave the program with the ability to locate research information, understand the information and apply the information to real-world tax problems.

Selecting a Program

Selecting a program in one of these disciplines takes time and effort. You should first select an area of concentration, whether that is public accounting, business administration or taxation. The concentration you select will depend on your skills, interests and prior business experience. Once you've narrowed down an area of study, you need to review the requirements of each program. For instance, if a program has an extensive writing requirement and you don't enjoy or excel at writing, you might need to find a program with fewer writing requirements. You should also select a program that matches your background. Some programs require the completion of specific undergraduate courses. If you have not completed these courses, it will cost you more time and money to complete them and then enroll in a graduate program. Once you've selected a program, follow the application instructions for each college to improve your chances of acceptance.

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Online CPA MBA and Masters of Taxation Programs