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A list of college majors can help you in choosing your major field of study in college. When you attend school, you generally need to pick one or two subjects to concentrate or major in. You will focus on those courses in-depth and have to complete minimum course work requirements within that subject to get your degree. Most people also get jobs based on what they majored in, so your major can shape your life. A list of college majors can thus be very important, as it will allow you to choose what to focus on and what you may want to study.

Finding a List of College Majors

You can obtain a list of college majors from numerous different sources on the Internet. For example:

  • A2Z Colleges offers a comprehensive list of all of the different college majors available at colleges throughout the United States. Their list is grouped according to field, and includes such fields as agriculture, ethnic studies, sciences, visual and performing arts, engineering, education and men's or women's sports, among others. The list is truly comprehensive and includes descriptions for each major of exactly what the field entails.
  • The College Board also offers a list of over 600 different possible majors you may want to consider pursuing. Their list is also organized broadly by field, although they have two different organizational mechanisms. On their site, you can either search by Career Field and find majors that will help you get a job in a particular industry or you can search by the category of the major, including performing arts, sciences, gender studies and transportation.

Many similar sites also provide large directories of different majors. You can also do a college major search online to find fields of study that may be of special interest to you.

Using Your List

The general lists online can provide you with a great starting point if you just aren't sure what you want to do with your life. Think about the things you are interested in, including classes you have enjoyed, hobbies you engage in, and things you want to learn more about, and search for majors that may allow you to pursue those interests.

Likewise you can also think about what career you may want to have and find out which majors can help you get your foot in the door of that career. Some careers require advanced degrees, while others will allow a B.A. or associates degree to suffice. Finding out early and finding out which major will help you pursue that career path can be very helpful.

School Specific Lists

Not every school offers every major, so the more general lists online may help you to narrow down a list of places where you want to attend school. For example, if you decide to become a criminal justice major, you will need to find a university that offers a degree in that field or something comparable. If you have your heart set on a specific major and the school you are looking at doesn't have it, you can decide not to apply.

DIY College Majors

Remember, too, some schools will allow you to create or design your own major and academic programming, grouping classes together that are related and that match your specific areas of interest. If you want to study something truly unique, you may want to find a school that allows or encourages this freedom of academic thought.

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Where to Find a List of College Majors