College Spring Break

Students have many options to enjoy college spring break

While the idea of spending your college spring break partying, lying on the beach in Cancun or basking in the warm glow of the Florida sun sounds appealing, many students are exploring new options for the most anticipated week of the year.

Plan Your College Spring Break

While it may be easier to just wait and see what your friends are doing for spring break, making plans early in the year ensures enough time for you to arrange schedules, book flights and hotels, and plan the perfect trip. Whatever you're considering, make it a point to plan early and call hotels, airlines or travel planners weeks, if not months, in advance of your college spring break. Popular destinations, such as resorts in the Caribbean, book up far in advance, so make sure you contact them early to reserve your dream vacation.

Trip Planners

If you're not sure how to plan a trip, consult with an expert. Companies plan spring break trips and offer packages. Student City offers packages and opportunities for selected students to travel free. Most opportunities involve working for a sponsor and promoting products like energy drinks. Discounts are also available to students who organize trips on campus for the company. Tour their website to look at pictures of the hottest spring break destinations.

Spring Break Ideas

Most students think of sun, sand and surf when they imagine spring break, or perhaps wild partying MTV-style. But there's a lot more you can do with your week of freedom. Consider ideas that let you forge your own path and live up to your values.

Ride the Rails Through Europe

If you love art, culture and travel, try a trip through Europe for your spring break destination. Europe's extensive railroad system makes traveling easy if you don't want to rent a car or drive abroad. Youth hostels provide safe places to crash for the night. Some convents and monasteries also provide student lodging dormitory-style. These may have strict regulations, such as lights out and wake up at specific times, but they are also quite affordable, clean, and safe for student travelers. If you're a history or literature major or just craving something different, a spring break trip to Europe can be an unforgettable journey.


Many students are opting to give their time to a worthwhile cause during spring break. Whether you're passionate about specific causes such as animal welfare, housing for the homeless, or voter registration, many groups organize spring break volunteer trips. Volunteer trips aren't all work and no play. Many include days for sightseeing, lounging by the beach, or enjoying local cultural attractions.

  • i-to-i provides numerous options for students looking to spend their time in worthwhile endeavors. Build housing in rural Costa Rica, teach in Ghana, or teach English to Buddhist monks in Nepal. There are opportunities for all talents and interests. You'll need to pay for travel, but the sweet satisfaction of helping others provides more than enough reward.
  • Star Travel offers students exciting packages for volunteer tourism. Visit Central America and save sea turtles, build homes, or teach. You'll not only spend your time on a worthwhile endeavor, you may be able to build your resume, leading to more job opportunities.
  • Many religious organizations organize volunteer spring break trips. Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant groups provide tours that give students from the same religious background the opportunity to serve and make new friends. Check with your own house of worship to see about tours within your faith.

Safety First

Whatever your plans for spring break, take safety seriously. Travel with friends, and if exploring the local countryside, make sure everyone stays in groups of at least two people. If visiting clubs, be sure to go with friends, and keep a close eye on your personal property while you're enjoying the evening. Other safety tips ensure that someone knows where you are and can find you if you don't come home on the scheduled day. Write up an itinerary and leave it with your parents or friends remaining at home to ensure that someone knows your plans. It's also a smart idea to call your parents or another person back home at least once during your vacation. Take a cell phone with you, and if traveling abroad, make sure you have the appropriate electrical adaptor to charge it.

Keep money, credit cards and important papers safe. Carry your passport and wallet in a safe place, such as the inside of a jacket, rather than in a back pocket. Back pockets are easy targets for pickpockets.

Whether you're the partying type or prefer to use your time altruistically, college spring break offers students the chance to see and do new things.

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