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How College Girls Can Avoid Being Exploited

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College girls flashing is a million dollar business for companies like Mantra Inc., founder of the Girls Gone Wild franchise. In the 1990s, Joe Francis sold videos with footage of fatal accidents and crimes too graphic to be featured on television. His Banned from Television led him to footage of girls baring their breasts and ever the entrepreneur, Francis took advantage of college girls partying to launch his new franchise.


The mythology of Spring Break and Mardi Gras includes wild parties and naughty behavior. Girls Gone Wild makes videos by visiting partying hotspots on campuses, at popular spring break locations and during Mardi Gras. New York, for example, allows women to go topless in the same areas that men are allowed to go topless. Public nudity may be frowned on, but partying behavior combined with alcohol frees many college girls from their inhibitions. What begins as playful exhibitionism can result in videos posted on the Internet as well as appearances on videos sold through infomercials.

Naughty Behavior

Intoxication can lead to impairment of speech, balance, judgment, self-control, memory and caution. Alcohol consumption impairs your judgment and when you're drunk, you are more likely to do things you wouldn't normally do and even more likely to forget you did them in the first place. Drunk college girls are in the greatest danger of starring in these films. Teasing and tantalizing are fun ways to behave when you're partying. You may do it because it's expected, you may do it because everyone else is doing it and you may do it because you don't have the good judgment not to.

Naughty behavior may seem laughable in other people. Waking up the morning after a party to discover a video of you on the Internet baring your breasts, buttocks or body is one thing, but it could be even worse. Unfortunately, videos like Girls Gone Wild capture more than just nudity; they catch lewd and lascivious behavior. You may think just because you haven't signed a legal form that they can't distribute the video, but in some states, public nudity does not allow for an expectation of privacy.

Protect Yourself

The first step in protecting yourself would be to not put yourself in the position to be filmed. It sounds easy, because no one plans to go out and bare their breasts or perform lewd acts in public. However, college parties are popular destinations for amateur filmmakers and their cameras.

Alcohol consumption at college parties is a contributing factor to potentially embarrassing situations. You start drinking, you're dancing, you're having fun and you make impulsive decisions. You may get hot and take off your shirt, assuming that a bikini top or bra is sufficient coverage. You're not planning to take off your top, but what happens when you start fooling around or making out? You're just a couple of eyehooks or a pulled string away from baring your assets.

You Would Never…

You have limitations. You may believe in kissing in public, but not groping. You may believe showing off your legs is fine, but you avoid plunging necklines. You don't mind making out in public, but you wouldn't get frisky and you probably wouldn't consent to making amateur porn while someone filmed you and your partner. The problem is, you would never do these things in the light of day, clear-headed and sober. Partying atmospheres do not contribute to sober, clear-headed behavior. Point of fact, partying behavior is exactly the opposite.

The same rules you apply to avoid drunken behavior can protect you from a feature appearance on a college girls flashing website or DVD. Before you reiterate that "you would never," remember, when your judgment is impaired, you are no longer making normal decisions.

Safe and Sober Tips

Want to enjoy the party, but avoid the humiliation? Plan your college partying, spring break vacations and Mardi Gras trips with a moderate amount of care, keeping the following suggestions in mind:

  • Use the buddy system. - Travel with friends and choose a sobriety partner. This sober person's main task is to keep you from making a fool out of yourself and to make decisions if your judgment is impaired.
  • Don't drink. - If you're under 21 years of age, you shouldn't be purchasing or consuming alcohol. If you are over 21, you shouldn't be buying and providing alcohol for underage drinkers.
  • Don't get drunk. - If you choose to drink, avoid getting drunk. Your body can process one cup of alcohol per hour. Don't do shots. Switch to water frequently.
  • Know what you drink. - Don't drink out of stranger's cups. If you didn't pour it, don't drink it.
  • What would Mom say? - Even though you're living away from home or enjoying the freedom of making your own decisions, consider what your mother would say about the choices you make. Sometimes, just hearing the voice of your mom, or another respected authority figure, in your head can help you make better choices.

Video Taped Without Your Knowledge

What do you do if you find out someone videotaped you? If the filmmakers were working for a corporation and you weren't in a public place, you may have some legal recourse. You'll need to talk to an attorney. If an amateur puts footage of you online, you can still talk to an attorney. However, once it's live on the Internet, anyone can see it. Taking it down doesn't undo the damage to your self-esteem and personal self-worth.

Protect Yourself

Overall, you need to avoid situations where you can become a victim of your own bad decisions. Today's mistake is tomorrow's humiliating memory or worse, tomorrow's humiliation, recorded for all time.

How College Girls Can Avoid Being Exploited