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College dude dorm room decorations, classes, campus life and studying are all a part of the college experience. Your dorm room is not likely to be a luxury hotel, but you can make it home.

Do It Yourself

College dorms provide institutional housing for students that are attending four year universities. The cost of dorm living is significantly less than renting an off campus apartment. A dorm room also puts you squarely on campus where you have easier access to campus facilities including your classrooms, the library and more.

Typically, a college dude dorm is going to have two beds, two dressers, two desks and flooring that ranges from old carpet to cold tile. If you are sharing a dorm room, you get to decorate half of it and you have to live with your roommate's decorations on the other half. If you want it to look a certain way, you're going to have to do it yourself.

Create Home in Your Residence

You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a homey atmosphere in your resident dorm room. In fact, you'll want this to be as comfortable as possible because college life can be stressful. You want to create a place that you can retreat to and relax in. Posters and photographs are a basic decoration, but you can do a bit more to make the room the way you want.

Basic Tips for Guys

If it's possible to bring your own mattress from home, consider it. Dorm room mattresses have likely been used by a lot of other people and are just as likely to be institutional mattresses (which means uncomfortable). So if you can bring in your own mattress, definitely do it. You can also:

  • Bedding - Bring your own sheets, pillow and pillowcases from home. Your bed is the central item at home and can be among your most comfortable items at school.
  • Postcards - Postcards from the bookstore and other locations can provide you with unique decorations. You can dress up the wall in your room with interesting images and designs. Since postcards are cheap, you can continue to put them together over time.
  • Mini-blinds or curtains - Talk to your mom if you aren't sure what to go, but a set of blinds or curtains can add a little color to the room and keep the sun out on those mornings you want to sleep in.
  • Lamps - Lamps dress up a room, add light and can be a practical room decoration. Floor lamps come in multiple colors and can actually match chairs if you want to get a reading chair to flop in (provided the room has enough space for it).
  • Bookcase - A bookcase that doubles as a nightstand is a good investment, adds some organization to your room and gives you a place to store textbooks, DVDs, CDs and more.
  • Compact DVD player or television - Depending on your level of comfort, bringing a small DVD player (or your laptop for that matter) you can use that to dress up your desk and give you another source of entertainment right there in your room.
  • Rugs - A good throw rug can warm up the floor, add color and give your dorm room a homier feel.

College Planning

Living on campus is part of the college experience. You'll have to get used to communal showers, and a roommate and your neighbors all along the floor, but it can also be a really rewarding one. Take the time to make your college dude dorm a home away from home and you'll enjoy the experience even more.

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College Dude Dorm