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From rushing a sorority to finding the right part-time job, college slideshows will help you navigate university life.

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College life and making a college education more affordable are the two most popular topics for college slideshows.

College Life

Living on campus is an integral part of college life for many students. Whether you're moving into the dorms for the first or fourth time, a thorough packing list is essential. From a stylish lamp to a comfy futon to creative storage solutions, the things you take to a college dorm will help you get the most from the small space and make it feel more like home. In addition, the right school supplies, including small details such as highlighters and larger purchases like the backpack you'll use to carry all of your textbooks, will help you make the grade.

College Costs

The rising cost of college tuition is a hot-button topic. From private scholarships to federal loans, students should exhaust every avenue in attempting to keep college affordable. Exploring alternative ways to pay for college will help put the education you want within your reach. For instance, some students choose to attend a less-expensive community college before transferring to a four-year institution. Others enter the workforce to gain on-the-job training and take advantage of tuition-reimbursement programs. With careful planning, college can be an affordable way to prepare for your future.

Whatever the topic, college slideshows provide important information that will help make your journey towards a college education easier.

College Slideshows