Free Distance Learning Theology Degrees

Theology is more than the Bible

For those looking into free distance learning theology degrees, there are more important factors than just what school is offering the program. Thanks to the benefits of distance learning, you don't need to even be in the same city as a school offering a theology degree. Even better, looking for a program that offers free classes or even a free degree eliminates many of the monetary issues that students can have when looking for higher education, making online education affordable.

What Is A Theology Degree?

While you might know that religion is the right career and life path for you, theology might not necessarily be what you're looking for. The academic discipline focuses heavily on the study of God but also considers the study of religion by man. The education you receive will be very dependent on the track within the discipline that you follow and the center offering the education. Almost all theology degrees focus exclusively on the Christian and Catholic religions but pathways that you can follow frequently include Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Biblical Studies and Christian Youth Education.

The educational path in theology studies also varies heavily, offering students everything from a B.A. to a Th.D. (a Doctorate of Theology). Requirements also vary across the board. Some theology programs don't require formal general requirements like general studies classes, while others would be lost without that framework.

The one issue with trying to find a theology degree that costs nothing is that such degrees are few and far between. But because of the nature of the degree, you can often find a local church, seminary or similar institution to help sponsor your enrollment in a paid program if you cannot find an affordable option.

Free Distance Learning Theology Degrees

If you're interested in free distance learning theology degrees for your future or just want to learn more about what options are out there, be sure to check out some of these resources:

  • Brigham Young University: If you're looking to learn a little bit before enrolling in a larger program or just want additional learning opportunities, Brigham Young University provides free, online courses in over 20 different topic areas including Roles of the Prophets, Preparing to Serve the Lord, Teaching Basic Gospel Principles, Christ's Birth and Preparation and courses on numerous Bible sections. These great courses are available for free online anytime you want to go through them.
  • Open Yale Courses: Similar to the Brigham Young University catalog, Open Yale Courses allow learners to follow courses online in numerous topics. Their theology-related courses include the Anthropology of Religion. The course selection is frequently updated with a variety of new course titles.
  • Esoteric Theology Ministry: A unique Internet seminary, this site offers over 600 courses for free to students who pay a one-time fee of $600. Becoming ordained as a minister is free with the one-time fee. While the program is not accredited as an online institute by any formal accrediting body, the site is one of the more popular on the web for ministry education.
  • The Northwestern Seminary: Another option for those looking for free or low-cost education in theology, the 30-year-old accredited seminary offers several payment options including a "Love Offer," where students decide how much they can afford to pay.

A Final Thought

Even if you're having trouble finding a degree or learning opportunity that is entirely free for theology, remember that many online programs are already more affordable than a local college. Why? Instead of worrying about traveling to campus, commuting to and from the location or renting a room in an on-campus dormitory, you can instead learn in the comfort of your own home. This benefit alone helps to make paying for college easier. Scholarships - which are available for those interested in theology - can make any financial burden much easier.

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Free Distance Learning Theology Degrees